The Gallery at Shinta Mani will feature contemporary art from the regions most creative artists. Not limited by geography or medium, there will be a continuously changing roster of artists with the only constant being Bill Bensley. Enjoy a browse or make a purchase, with all profits supporting the work of The Shinta Mani foundation.

Peoples of Mother Earth

Bill Bensley, already a prolific architect, interior designer and landscape architect with no less than 200 projects under his belt, recently rekindled his love for drawing and painting. Bill’s teacher is dear friend artist Kate Spencer – a fine artist from England who lives between St Kitts and Italy, where she herself was trained. Following several painting holidays together, Bill began practicing painting and drawing wherever he went. His unique style, bursting with color and enchanting figures, went from strength to strength.

At The Gallery at Shinta Mani, one can discover his most recent works as part of his first ever fine art exhibition: Peoples of Mother Earth. These pieces celebrate the beauty of the natural world and the many people who call it home. The artist himself calls the collection “not completely hopeless”, and indeed they are wonderful, both in their colors and visual language, but also in the thought provoking message they convey, with names such as ‘Hear Mother Nature’, ‘The Rewilding of Bangkok’, ‘Think beyond yourselves’ and ‘Band Together to Know our World’.